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A wide range of accessories ensure that an appropriate MC Meter configuration will be matched to the exact requirements of your application. Flow meters with a mechanical output may be equipped with a variety of meter accessories to meet specific application requirements. The wide range of accessories such as preset counters, pulse transmitters, control valves, mechanical registers, ticket printers and strainers enable the meter assembly to be adapted to a wide range of liquid measurement or control systems.

Air  Eliminator
Air Eliminator.
Aluminum Air Eliminator, for installation in assemblies with MC 505, MC 507, MC 515, MC 530 meters.



Aluminum Strainers of different sizes (1 ½" – 4") for compatibility with all models of MC meters.


Mechanical Preset  Valve
Preset Valve.
Preset Valves for use with Mechanical Presets. A mechanical preset is used to effectively shut down the flow after a predetermined amount of product is delivered. Available for 1 ½” to 4” sizes.

2 Stage Solenoid Hydraulic Piston Valve (HPV
2 Stage Solenoid Hydraulic Piston Valve (HPV).
Aluminum, two stage solenoid valves with ATEX certification, required for the preset function, of different sizes (1 ½" – 4") for compatibility with all models of MC meters Series.


ATEX Dual Channel 100L Pulser

Pulser converts the rotary motion into a high resolution square wave and is mounted in front of MC Meters for connection only with electronic registers or it is mounted beside the mechanical counter for dual function.


Air Check Valve

Air Check Valve.
Air activated check valves are installed on the meters in order to stop the flow of liquid when air is present to ensure accurate measurement.They are commonly used for unloading applications.



Aluminum flanges, available in several sizes, for installation in all MC models and accessories.


Gear  Plate
Gear Plate.
Being an assembly of different gears and wheels, the Gear Plate is connected with the mechanical counter, in order to convert transferred volume to an engineered unit (Litres or Gallons).


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