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Fuel Guard is a management system that offers total solutions connectivity for all the Petroleum Industry equipment through open protocol IFSF. The management of Petroleum Industry equipment is today a complex process that takes valuable time and resources. Equipment as fuel pumps and dispensers, tank level gauging, price signs, POS and fiscal printer, card or cash payment systems and RF solutions that have been produced by diverse manufactures are all managed by one system that automates, simplifies and secures operations control.Fuel guard is an application that operates on a PC benefiting with windows connectivity and networking capabilities. It is built upon industry standard PC format hardware and windows tools.



Operation on a PC, ergonomic use, optional operation with a touch screen. Available Interfaces for the connection with all major fuel equipment manufacturers. Monitoring of transactions and control of 36 sale points (Fuel Point).Check of the accounting storage of the tanks. Capability to operate with 8 different price lists (Fuel Mode). Time scheduled change of price lists. Unlimited number of products of the petrol station with 8 different products per pump. Normal 0 Multiple ways of petrol station operation with unlimited users. Preset amount and volume with choice of nozzle and product.



Instant control of each dispenser separately and open – close of the dispensers with the press of one button. Audio & Visual check control of the dispensers. Connectible with tank gauging automation systems of all manufacturers via RS-232 or IFSF connection. Print totals per shift / day / date and choice of print per pump, or nozzle, or product or price list with a date selection (from – to). Record of the transactions per way of payment. Capability to select the application’s display language. Connectivity with fiscal printer, POS, BOSS, remote operation etc. Connectivity via network, internet and GSM , GPRS ensures the data away transmitted and monitored by close and remote administrators.



GAS GUARD.A simple application to monitor centrally gas sensors used in in potentially hazardous areas. Monitors up to 8 sensors. Audio and visual alarms. SMS or e-mail message for various events.
STOCK GUARD. Stock Guard monitors all wet stock transactions via entry of purhase quantities and ATG stock, giving data and statisticks for different factors as , temperatures , product loss,variations in quantity delivered and open tool to configure all your wet stock information needs. Statistics for all the data collected by Fuel Guard controller can be configured via this tool to get advanced period statistics for any money , volume configuration.



MC POS System is the key of the petrol station retail business sector, providing a stable and flexible solution. The ability to connet dispensers, tank gauges, car wash, card payment systems along with other forecourt retail sectors, such as supermarket, pastry, bakery, mini market, Cash & Carry, offers a complete visibility and total insight into all aspects of forecourt management. The MC POS SYSTEM is available in two editions:

  • The Standard Edition
  • which provides a single site petrol station management,

  • And the Premium Edition
  • which covers integrated solutions for multiple petrol station sites, Fleet Scheme Management and Loyalty Cards.


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